Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I didn't really like sushi. The thought of eating raw fish makes me cringe, when I go to Japanese restaurants I usually just order tonkatsu or tempura. Once in a while I get California roll, but all of us know that it has crab meat or imitation crab meat, not raw fish. My husband on the other hand loves sushi and sashimi. He always go to Hana Sushi before we got married. I think he used to eat there about three times a week. When I came in the picture, eating out became less and less because I like to cook. One night he persuaded me to go there and he ordered sushi rolls. Amber roll, Mexican roll and Asparagus roll. I thought I'm not going to like it but I was so wrong. It was so awesome, like heaven in your mouth! He even got me to try abalone sashimi. I still don't like sashimi but the sushi rolls, that's a different story. Now I love Hana Sushi. They have an impressive selection, the staff is friendly, and they have generous portions. Of course sushi is always overpriced but the size are decent and the taste is superb.


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