Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Nothing beats the Beef Noodle Soup during the winter. I'm so happy that my husband loves Asian food. One of our favorite restaurants is this quaint family-owned Vietnamese joint on Los Alamos. Their prices are reasonable and their food are oh sooo fresh. I always order #10 which is Pho Bo, noodle soup with slices of rare steak and beef brisket. Always on the side are crunchy bean sprouts, jalapenos, lemon wedges and my favorite asian mint. I'll add some sriracha sauce and hoisin to get that sweet spicy taste. We tried other Vietnamese restaurants around the area but Pho Hoa is number 1 for us.


Ravenous Couple said...

pho is great--perhaps one day you'll make it? :)

sǝıʞooɔʞuıdʎɯ8n said...

i love noodles too! :D

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